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We provide a full guide for each part of our website. Let's enjoy learning Cantonese without resistance!


This page shows the general information of Gab Gab Cantonese. You may click the buttons to view different pages.

All courses

This page shows all courses offered by Gab Gab Cantonese. Click into any of them for more information!
If you would like to view the course content, please login to enroll in the course first.

Categories of courses

Click into any submenu for a specific category of courses. Only courses under that category will be displayed.


This page shows the story of Gabrielle, the founder of Gab Gab Cantonese.


This page shows a form for sending message and the contact information.


This page list the postcards with Hong Kong cultures sell by Gab Gab Cantonese.
The payment system in the shop is individual from that of courses. You may purchase courses and postcards separately.


You must login before enrollng in any courses. Please fill in your email/username and password. Check the captcha everytime when you login.


You will see this page (replacing the initial position of ‘Login’) after logged in. Profile shows your account information. 


Click ‘Logout’, a submenu under ‘Profile’ to logout your account on Gab Gab Cantonese.


This is a page showing the course information and allowing students to view the lessons.

Click ‘Enroll’ to read the course content directly for free courses; or purchase the course for paid courses.
Continue the course
After success enrollment, the button ‘Continue’ will appear. Click to view the course content where you stopped last time. (Lesson 1 will be loaded if you are new to the course.)
Complete the lesson
In each lesson, there will be a video. Watch the video and finish the attached exercises if there is any. Scroll to click ‘Next’ to the next lesson or select a specific lesson on the left.
Certificate of course completion
When all lessons are completed, the ‘Continue’ button will be replaced by a ‘Certificate’ button. Click ‘Certificate’ to receive a certificate. You may download through clicking the download icon.
Writing a review
After success enrollment, a button ‘Write a review’ will appear on the review section. Click ‘Add a review’ after filling in the form and rate the course. Your review will be displayed after processing.

Payment method

On Gab Gab Cantonese, you may purchase items through PayPal. You will be redirected to a PayPal page after checked out. Login your PayPal account and complete the payment.

If you cannot receive the purchased item automatically, please contact us for help.

Please note that the payment systems in courses and shop are different. Checkout separately in the two pages.